Salomon SkyRun 2014 Highlights

Well done to ALL Salomon SkyRun 2014 athletes!! It was truly amazing and so inspirational to “see” the race unfolds. As always, there’ll be some awesome performances by some and some hard lessons to learn by others. That is the sport of running ~ That is life. Well done to all!

Lan_IainIain don-wauchope – 2014 SkyRun Champ with a new record
Landie Greyling – 2014 Skyrun Champ with a new record

Salomon SkyRun 2014 Highlights:

 Filmed & Edited by @kyllcs & @stevenfreitagza. #whitefridayfilms

The Salomon SkyRun and SkyRun Lite are unique in that they are truly self-supported and self-navigational races, where athletes tackle the remote terrain of the Witteberg Mountain range with a Map a Compass or GPS unit and a back pack containing all there food, water and compulsory equipment that will enable them to survive in this harsh environment, while operating at an average height of between 2200-2500 meters above sea level.

Read the full write-up HERE and view Awesome images by Ian Corless – Talk Ultra

Pure Adventures
Iain don-Wauchope
Landie Greyling


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